Duncan’s Districts

Duncan proudly boasts 4 regions or districts for travelers and locals. You’ll find attractions, parks, and lakes scattered about throughout Duncan, but we’re hopeful that our districts will make planning your trip to Duncan simpler. Please see all four districts below:

In red, you’ll find our Gathering District. The Gathering District is home to the Heritage Trails, Chisholm Trail Heritage Center, Simmons Center Theatre, and Jack A. Maurer Convention Center.

You’ll find our Downtown District a.k.a Main Street in yellow. Main Street Duncan’s merchants and offerings can be found primarily between Walnut Ave, Willow Ave, 7th St, and 15th St.

On the map above, you’ll notice a small orange square for our Entertainment District. While it is a small marker, there are memories in abundance in that space with Kiddieland Park at Fuqua Park, the Rock Island 905 Railroad Museum, Gift Shop, and Welcome Center, as well as the Stephens County Historical Museum.

Rounding out the districts is our Recreation District in green, home to 14 parks, 4 lakes, 3 golf courses, 1 disc golf course, 1 sports facility, and 1 top-of-the-line brewery.