Duncan CVB Local Tourism Partner Programs and Information

There are many ways the Duncan CVB partners with event and group planners, local businesses and organizations.  Please find information on ways you can work with the CVB and how the CVB can help you grow your event or business.









The City of Duncan and the Duncan Convention & Visitors Bureau developed the Tourism Event Support program to help new events begin and grow in Duncan, Oklahoma.  The program utilizes funds managed by the CVB to provide start up funding support for new events that bring visitors to the area.  The funds are intended as “seed money” for new meetings/events in Duncan to assist with their development. The grant is not a permanent source of funding. The expectation is for  events that become regular or annual, to develop a sponsorship base and grow to be successful and independent of DCVB grant funding.  For more information on the program please contact the Executive Director at 580.252.2900.

Here is a downloadable copy of the Tourism Event Support Program Application.

Here is a downloadable copy of the Tourism Event Support Program Post Event Report




2018 Schedule of Meetings

February 14

April 11

June 13

August 8

October 10

December 12


All meetings take place at  4 p.m. in the Jack A Maurer Convention Center Board Room.

The CAC will be comprised of not less than seven and no more than fifteen members. The membership of this council shall include but not be limited to the following non rotating members as well as up to eight rotating at large members:
President of the SC Foundation or designee
Member of the SC Board of Directors
Executive Director of the SC
Director of the DCVB
Mayor of the City of Duncan or designee
President of Duncan Chamber of Commerce or designee
President of DAEDF or designee

Officers of the CAC will be a chairman and a vice-chairman. The terms for these leaders will be one(1) calendar year. Any member of CAC may be elected for an officer position. Nominations for the next calendar year will be made at the meetings held in the third quarter of the year. Elections will be held at the meeting held in the fourth quarter of the year. The terms of the approved officers will become effective the following January.

Terms for CAC members are for two(2) years and are staggered, with half the rotating members’ terms expiring at the end of each December. Selection of the CAC members will follow the same process used for nomination and approval of officers.

A majority of the members, or half of the committee number plus one(1), shall make up a quorum.

Attendance Policy
It is expected that all CAC members attend, participate and are involved in all meetings. At a minimum, CAC members should attend 75% of the meetings. All meetings will be set for the year in advance at the last meeting held in the preceding year.

After a member has missed two consecutive meetings, it shall be the responsibility of the CAC Chairman to discuss with such member his or her desire to continue as a member. If said member indicates to the chairman a desire to remain on the committee but absences persist, the CAC shall have the right to replace that member.

If a member is unable to attend a meeting, it is encouraged that a representative is sent from the group which he represents. At the minimum, the member shall inform the Duncan Convention and Visitors Bureau of his/her inability to attend the meeting in advance.




We encourage all our tourism partners to review and update their website listing information on a regular basis.  If you need any changes or would like to make additions please follow the instructions on the form below.

Please download, fill out and email this form along with your logo and up to 3 photos to tourism@simmonscenter.com.



The CVB welcomes any discount or coupon advertisement from local Duncan businesses and organizations.  If you would like to submit a coupon to be included on our website as well as provided to conventions and other groups please follow the instructions on the form below.

Please download, fill out and email this form along with your coupon artwork to tourism@simmonscenter.com.